Thursday, January 5, 2017

Oxford, United Kingdom 2016

I've been hearing a lot of things about Oxford, I am so curios about this place. We went there last year. Gosh really last year? OMG how time flies hehehe. Yes last year December 2016. Oxford never fails my expectation. The streets, the buildings, architectures, ohhh everything. We visited a couple of universities and churches. I took a lot of lots of pictures, but my photos is not that good to show. I just pick some that will give the justice of how beautiful this place. 

We're from the Bicester, we just drove to Oxford for about an hour i guess. We park our car in a cheaper parking lot and go roamed around. I know i just been to the city, and i know i just seen a bit of oxford and i know there are a lot of places to go and explore. I really wanted to go more and walk more but my feet hurts, so tired from walking.

These photos are only few and not all the places we been to, it sucks that its in my phone and uggh lazy in transferring here. LOL

Thanks for visiting guys. 

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