Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Blogging History

It all started when I was working in the office and there are days that i have nothing to do. I browse on the net and in some point i saw some blogs and articles that i loved to read specially topics about travels, foods and lifestyle, also fashion where i saw a lot of sexy and beautiful ladies posting their daily OOTD's. I fell in love and made me a habit to visit blogs on my free time. Since i been to a lot of places here in the Philippines I made this blog as my online diary and post my travels here for memories. As the time goes by i was like everything i have in mind i put it in here, from selfies and whereabouts and just nothing hahaha. I am not good in writing, I dont know how to make my blog or article interesting. As long as i can write and documents my travel.

Here are my most memorable travels so far: 

I love to travel but as usual money stopped me from doing it but, i made sure to save for travel thing and once or twice in a year I can go to a place to relax. A place away from the hustle and bustle from the city and stress from work. A time of my own. I been to a lot of places here in the Philippines. The most memorable travel of mine was when i went to Legazpi Albay for a solo travel. I dont know anyone from there but i really want to experienced traveling alone in a place I never been to. I admit i was scared and nervous but inside me telling that I can do it :), and that was the best experience i ever had in traveling.


One of my many dreams is to go out of my own country. One day a friend of mine, a college friend asked me if am i interested in going to Macau and Hong Kong of course without a second thought i said yes right away, she booked us ticket to Hong Kong and after few months we went fly. We dont have Itinerary we just went there and then search for places to go. It was both our first time and it was great. You know the feeling of ohh yeah we can do it hahaha

I never thought I can go out of the country again. I was already happy and contented that i went to Hong Kong and said to myself at-last i experienced the feeling of being out of my country but still after that trip i had another trip to Singapore but sad to say I ddnt make it to the airport on time of my departure so maybe Singapore isnt for me, maybe its not yet the right time.

I dreamed of Castles, cold weather and palaces. I said to myself that i have to save more i mean doubled my usual savings thing because Europe is such expensive and required a lot of money when you go there. After a year i met a guy from abroad and become my boyfriend. He's a US Citizen but just assigned to work in UK. I never expect that. When he said he wants to invite me to UK after he went here in the Philippines I was hesitant but really deep inside i really want to, hahaha He's a good guy so i said yes. Since i dont have enough savings yet he sponsored me as a Tourist Visa. I am so lucky that Visa was approved.

Blogging or writing my travels here make me inspired specially when some people viewed my page and some get tips where to go. I know i have a lot of things to know about blogging and i am willing to discover what are those things. I am starting to do Photography also, so i can put good photos in here. I focus on travel even though i dont travel all the time because I dont have talent on fashion thing hahaha

How about you? You love to travel and dont know where and how to start to build a travel blog? Visit Travelling Photoblogger for his tips and a step by step on how to start a travel blog. You can learn a lot of things on his page.

For now i have a lot of places in mind to go but for sure with him, my Fiancee. I am glad that we both have the same hobbies, he like to travel as well. Its nice to make memories while were young. Happy Blogging!!!


  1. I wish you all the best in your blogging journey. You write so well and i enjoyed going through your post.

    1. Awww thank you so much for the kind words..makes me inspired to write more 😊😊

  2. Wow, very interesting. I wish you all the best in your blogging journey.

    1. Thank you so much :) :) i wish you as well.. cheers :) :)

  3. This so cool about your blogging journey....wish you all the best sassy probinsyana

  4. Good to know about you. By the way nice photographs.

  5. Binasa ko lahat. Hehe.. Super excellent lovelife and, good photograph.


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