Thursday, April 11, 2019

I saw this bridge before when we went cruising (see here) This time we drove across the bridge and it was fun, got to see the different angle of this bridge. I still cant believe I'm seeing this bridge for real. I just saw this bridge on movies before.

We were blessed to have a beautiful weather that day. I was a bit worried at first because when we crossed different bridge it was so foggy, you cant see far distance. I was worried the Golden Gate Bridge will be foggy too but nahh the weather was perfectly fine :) and captured beautiful photos. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Swan Falls Dam is a concrete gravity type hydroelectric dam on the Snake River, in the U.S. state of Idaho. It is located near Murphy, Idaho.
The dam was built in 1901 to generate electricity. It is the oldest hydroelectric dam on the Snake River. In the 1990s the original power plant was replaced with a new one. The dam was built with fish passage facilities, but they proved to be very poor in performance. For this reason, among others, the C. J. Strike Dam, built upriver from Swan Falls Dam in the early 1950s, was not equipped with fish passage facilities. Thus the two dams combined to become the first artificial barrier to anadromous fish migration up the Snake River. Today Hells Canyon Dam is the first total barrier to fish migration on the Snake.
The dam and its reservoir lie within the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. The dam and power plant were listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 
We checked out this area last year before the winter season start because we were new here in Idaho and we just kinda exploring beautiful places. A friend told us that Swan Falls Dam is beautiful. We went checked it out, but we dont go straight to the Dam as there are a lot to see along the way, there are a lot of beautiful Canyons. I remembered we went off road and we saw the Snake River. It was a lil bit far from the main road. Our car is blue and it became brown after that because the road was so dusty lol, and bumpy also haha.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

During our trip to Scotland, we went to Falkirk District to see the Kelpies. We rode a train from Edinburgh. Its just less than an hour. So what is a Kelpie?
Kelpie, or water kelpie, is the Scots name given to a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. It has usually been described as appearing as a horse, but is able to adopt human form. Some accounts state that the kelpie retains its hooves when appearing as a human, leading to its association with the Christian idea of Satan as alluded to by Robert Burns in his 1786 poem "Address to the Devil".
Almost every sizeable body of water in Scotland has an associated kelpie story, but the most extensively reported is that of Loch Ness. Parallels to the general Germanic neck or nixie and the Scandinavian bäckahäst have been observed. More widely, the wihwin of Central America and the Australian bunyip have been seen as counterparts. The origin of the belief in malevolent water horses has been proposed as originating in human sacrifices once made to appease gods associated with water, but narratives about the kelpie also served a practical purpose in keeping children away from dangerous stretches of water, and warning young women to be wary of handsome strangers.
Kelpies have been portrayed in their various forms in art and literature, including recently as two 30-metre (98 ft) high steel sculptures in Falkirk, The Kelpies, completed in October 2013. (Wikipedia)

I missed UK, i missed Scotland. I still wanna go back there, theres a lot to explore :)

Monday, February 11, 2019

So last last last many last week hahah we went to McCall to witness the winter carnival. It was beautiful in there. There were lots of ice carving. Lot of foods and lots of stuff and lots of people enjoying the cold winter. 

It was my first time to walk on a frozen lake. I was afraid at first because i felt i heard the ice cracked every step i made hahaha. But i enjoyed it. We're blessed to have a sunny weather during our visit. It's not windy so it's not really cold.

Below are the photos i took.

McCall Winter Carnival 2019

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I finally got a camera and its so handy. This is what i ever wanted since the last camera i had was stolen. For now i just want to have a simple and handy camera. I love it. Below are the photos i took. Its mostly zoomed thats why its kinda blurry. I need to have a tripod when taking a picture specially when zoomed because my hands are a little bit shaky and a lil movement will messed up the photo.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Okay so this picture was way like long time ago lol. Like a year ago, I missed UK so i went to my site and just browsed the places i been to UK and i dont have article about Lands End. When you become so busy and you totally forgot to write an article about some important things happened in your life. This was important because this was the last place we visited in the UK before we leave for good :(. I love UK how i wished we can stay there forever.

So for the last time we went to Cornwall mainly to visit the St. Michaels Mount. But sad to say it was close because it was already winter. We saw the hill from afar but we cannot get in there. 

Lands End was close also that time, i mean the attractions, restaurants and everything inside was close, there is only one store open where you can buy souvenirs. It was a bad timing for visit because it was so cold, but we really wanted to see this side of Cornwall. Im pretty sure this place is packed during summer. Its the best season to visit this place. Summer. :) 

Below are the photos taken by my phone only. The photos that i took with my Canon Camera was all gone.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

First Adventure of the YEAR 2019. We been looking for a place to do Snow Tubing. First option was Bogus Basin, but upon checking online it needs reservation and when we do the reservation it says full. Second option was McCall but it was way too far from Mountain Home. We keep on browsing and finally before the 2018 ends I saw a post on Facebook saying there's a place for Snow Tubing in Mountain home and its thirty minutes away from where we lived. We booked online on December 30, 2018 for January 1, 2019 activity. Glad there's a couple spot available.

Two Ponds Tubing & Snowboard Terrain Park

$15 per person: includes tube rental and hot cocoa. 3 Hour Time Block
Hot dogs and soup/chili will be available and all kiddos get marshmallows to roast over the fire!
Duration: 15 min - 3 hr
Cancellation: No refunds for cancelled bookings.

What You Will Do

Tube Rental and Hot Cocoa included.

What's Included

Tube Rental and Hot Cocoa included.

Additional Information

  • Be sure to dress warm and for snowy conditions.
You can check their website HERE

It was our first time and seeing people goes down from the hill so fast makes me scared and nervous, but I really want to do it. I want to experience it so we did it hahaha. First try was like ohhh ohhh its not that bad and then we do it again and again. We had so much fun. I love it, if only it's not that cold lol. Loving our first start of the year. Adrenaline junkies here :) :) :)

Beautiful Sceneries along the way there.

Happy New Year Everyone, Looking forward for more travels this year 2019. :)