Saturday, July 28, 2018

Just last week, we went camping in CJ Strike Reservoir. We went there Friday noon and go back home Sunday morning. Man it was fun, it was my first time camping ever, like, slept in a tent, make our own camp fire, do s'mores, grill, cook etc. It was really relaxing together with friends. There a lot of things to do in that area.

CJ Strike Dam and Reservoir support many recreational opportunities. If you are looking for camping at CJ Strike Reservoir, there are five campgrounds, the Bruneau Dunes State Park and various Sportsman Access sites. Activities include fishing, boating, camping, swimming, water skiing, horseback riding, hiking and wildlife viewing. Nestled in the Snake River Valley with a view of the Owyhee Mountains, the area is covered with sagebrush and tumbleweeds but holds a unique beauty that has made many an Idahoan a fan. North Park, Scout Park, Locust Park and Cottonwood Park are Idaho Power Company facilities and are not reservable. Source

Ohh well we want to rent a boat but sad to say boats were fully booked, the only available is the canoe/kayak. We rent the pedal canoe for 5USD an hour. It was so fun, i enjoyed it a lot. Went into the middle of the lake. It was really tiring but fun. Hahaha

During night we gathered in front of the camp fire and just talk and talk or play cards. It was so relaxing. I cant wait to do another camping again.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tintagel Castle (Cornish: Dintagel, meaning "fort of the constriction") is a medieval fortification located on the peninsula of Tintagel Island adjacent to the village of Tintagel, North Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The site was possibly occupied in the Romano-British period, as an array of artefacts dating to this period have been found on the peninsula, but as yet no Roman era structure has been proven to have existed there. It was settled during the early medieval period, when it was probably one of the seasonal residences of the regional king of Dumnonia. A castle was built on the site by Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall in the 13th century, during the later medieval period. It later fell into disrepair and ruin.
Archaeological investigation into the site began in the 19th century as it became a tourist attraction, with visitors coming to see the ruins of Richard's castle. In the 1930s, excavations revealed significant traces of a much earlier high status settlement, which had trading links with the Mediterranean during the Late Roman period.
The castle has a long association with legends related to King Arthur. This began in the 12th century when Geoffrey of Monmouth described Tintagel as the place of Arthur's conception in his fictionalized account of British history, the Historia Regum Britanniae. Geoffrey told the story that Arthur's father, King Uther Pendragon, was disguised by Merlin's sorcery to look like Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, the husband of Igraine, Arthur's mother.
Tintagel Castle has been a tourist destination since the mid-19th century. Owned by Charles, Prince of Wales as part of the landholdings of the Duchy of Cornwall, the site is managed by English Heritage. (Wikipedia)
This was such a long due post. Been to Cornwall last January 2018. I know I know i have a lot of blog post to catch up. Many things has been happen. My laptop was broken and after that it was stolen. All my photos from my DSLR Camera was gone. Good thing i had on my phone and backed up to google photos. Tintagel Castle is beautiful. It was on the top of the hill. It is a ruins already but still looks beautiful. Below are the photos.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

This was just a quick trip, we went for a photo only haha we only stay for like 10 mins. We only plan to had a roadtrip and saw this dam. Its so beautiful. We are going back there for a camping this week. 

Roadtrip here in Idaho is great because there are a lot of beautiful places. We saw a small canyons and its beautiful. Straight roads, canyons and ohh we saw a deer. I was stoked and did not take picture lol. Below are the photos of this trip.

C.J Strike Reservoir

C.J Strike Reservoir

Visit C.J Strike Reservoir for more info!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Welcome to the Grand Canyon of Southwest Idaho! This canyon was shaped by an astounding combination of volcanism, glacial melt and regional drainage patterns. The Bruneau Overlook is the only readily accessible spot to view this spectacular canyon carved through basalt and rhyolite by the Bruneau River. The opposite rim is 1,300 feet away and the distance from rim to riverbed is 800 feet. From this spot near the northern end of the 60-mile canyon, view the wild and scenic Bruneau River tumbling out of the Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness.

Last saturday we went to a Quick Roadtrip to CJ Strike Reservoir. On our way home we saw a sign saying to Bruneau Canyon Overlook (18 miles). We decided to turn back and and follow the sign hahaha. We tried google map but there was no service. Its hard to get service in that area (AT&T). We drove to a rough road with sunflowers each side of the road. It was beautiful and finally we got service in the higher grounds and used a map to that canyon. 

We are so happy that we went see this Canyon, its so beautiful. Its like a hidden treasure of Idaho. Grand Canyon is on my bucket list so i was so happy to see this. Its like the Grand Canyon. OMG it took my breath away.



I will be forever grateful and thankful to our God for letting me see this kind of natural landscape formation. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Last weekend we went to see Sand Dunes in Bruneau, I never see a Sand Dunes before so it was my first of many first lol. While were on the road I am already in awe of of the surroundings, the mountains the land formations, etc. Idaho is such a beautiful place. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

During our road trip to Idaho from California, I can't help myself to be amazed of the sceneries/views I saw in the road. It's my first time and I just took photos as much as I can in a moving vehicle. I was like OMG I swear I saw this this road on movies only and now I see it with my own eyes. It was a memorable experience to me. Crossing Nevada and then Oregon was just awesome, straight roads and brown surroundings beautiful skies were just perfect. When we reached Oregon the sky was getting dark. Still I took photos and when it was really dark thats the time I took rest. I fall asleep, we arrived Idaho at past 12 midnight. We leave California at 7am. It was a long drive but I enjoyed it. I am thankful to my hubby for letting me experience such a long drive. We will definitely do it again. He's just like me, we love road trip! Below are the photos I took. Some of it were blurry but some were great :) 


rainbow in lovelock
In lovelock there was a rain and the rainbow just appeared. Made the views more beautiful. :) :) 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Were heading to Idaho from California, and guess what? We went land travel and means it was Roadtrip :) :) Yay. Hahaha yeah I know its a long drive it was like 11 hours and of course I'm not driving hahaha pity for my driver (hubby) but if you're driving in this beautiful country with a stunning view I guess its worth it. Roadtrip is great because you can stop if you can see a beautiful spot a beautiful sceneries. Every time I saw beautiful spot I always told my hubby to stop and the 11 hours drive become 16 hours drive haha. The stop I really liked the most was the Lake Tahoe. Ohh my God It was so beautiful, I can't describe just I can't close my mouth for kept on saying WOW all the time hahaha I can stay there all day, but were still far from Idaho. We just stayed like an hour, I swear Lake Tahoe is still in our bucket list to visit. I wanna go back there again someday and stay for a day or two and explore more of the place.

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, straddling the border of California and Nevada. It’s known for its beaches and ski resorts. On the southwest shore, Emerald Bay State Park contains the 1929 Nordic-style mansion Vikingsholm. Along the lake’s northeast side, Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park includes Sand Harbor Beach and Spooner Lake, a gateway to the long-distance Tahoe Rim Trail.

Photos taken in Emerald Bay State Park.