Monday, November 16, 2015

One Day Macau Itinerary

This is a ONE DAY ITINERARY only and on a TIGHT budget! 

Since we're in Hong Kong already, we take the opportunity to go to Macau as it is just a Ferry ride, we woke up so early in the morning to took the first trip from China Ferry Terminal to Macau! Actually we dont have itinerary in Macao, we just say, lets see what we can do and where we go there. We only do a lil bit of research. We dont even have a map.Anyways we're from Tsim Sha Tsui in Mirador Mansion, we just walk to China Ferry Terminal we thought its far but no. It is just a 15 mins walk, we are just keep on asking for a directions. Even some local sometimes dont want to talk to us coz they dont understand english, we only say the place and they give us directions, hand gestures only!

Nothing just a pedestrian lanes, but that way with the red stop light in the corner is the way to the China Ferry Terminal. I forgot the name of the building. :(
As were waiting for the ticketing office to open, someone approach us and give us those ticket for only 300HKD rountrip Hongkong-Macau-Hongkong. We saved 53HKD yay :)

Inside the ferry! They are on time when said 7:00am, at 7:15am we are already in the middle of the sea 
As soon as we arrived in Macao Port, a local offered a tour and it cost 450HKD each and its like so expensive for us, he took a map and then told us where we going in the tour, but since expensive we said no and he just smile and give us the map. He is kind.
Outside the port we were discussing where we go, figuring out what way were going then suddenly a Filipino approach us and offered a tour, by the way there are a lot of Filipino out there, the guard is Filipino also. He discussed us the places we are going to go, and he said we are not going to spend any money, even the fare just the food. We asked him how much and he said 175HKD each, but since he is a Filipino we said yes, at least we can talk tagalog and can have a better conversation and we can ask anything hihi 
We are all set and we ready to go and explore a little bit of Macao.


Our first stop: FISHERMAN'S WHARF
As soon as you exit the port, just walk to your left, its a five minutes walk. Fisherman's wharf is on renovation, but still you can go and see.

Macau Fisherman's Wharf
Second Stop: CITY OF DREAMS in Cotai Strip.
After Fisherman's Wharf walk back to the port and look for the Shuttle's in front of the port, you have to took the underpass to cross to another street where Shuttle buses wait. Took the City of Dreams Shuttle and enjoy the views on the way to Cotai Strip. When you arrive in City of Dreams, just go inside take a pics and roam around see the beauty of the hotel lobby and then look for the exit. You know it is the Exit when you see the Venetian in the other side of the Street!

This is the way to exit. As soon as you are out of the hotel, you will see Venetian.
Third Stop: VENETIAN
As soon as you exit in the City of Dreams, just walk and cross the street to Venetian, and viola. Actually you dont have to go to City Dreams but since we took their shuttle, we just have to be there. LOL Our only plan before we leaving Hongkong is just Venetian and the ruins of St. Paul. Thats the only place we wanna go but thanks to manong tour guide. Venetian is a must place to visit, where you can see and ride the famous Gondola. I feel like dont wanna leave i want to stay more. LOL 
Venetian Macau

After seeing the famous Gondola Manong tour guide take us downstairs into an escalator and before we knew it we are out of Venetian :( Bye bye. Since our next stop was Galaxy Hotel and again outside Venetian you can see Galaxy Hotel next on the Street, u can walk but its a lil bit far so, we waited for five minutes for the Galaxy Shuttle to arrived, SHUTTLE AGAIN haha budget-budget-budget!
In Galaxy Hotel you can see the DIAMOND SHOW in the fountain every thirty minutes, if you have a kid's heart then you must see it. I love it and i feel like a kid again. hihihi
This is the video :)

Fifth Stop: WYNN HOTEL
After galaxy, wait a SHUTTLE BUS again there are many shuttle bus for different hotel lining outside galaxy and we choose Starworld Hotel. When arrived in the Starworld, just pretend you are a guest and then walk to your right where you can see the Lisboa or Grand Lisboa, but you are not into that hotel. You are going to WYNN Hotel, to see the show every thirty minutes again. What we saw in there was the Prosperity Tree. It was really great, i love it!
View in outside on our way to Starworld Hotel.
This is the video.

Outside Wynn Hotel is the Big Fountain, Dancing water fountain. The fountain is more great during at night, but we cant wait till night to watch on it. 
After the fountain show we just walk into a Park and this is the view we saw. The Macau Tower. We did not go there :(
Macau Tower


After those Hotel Tours, we get hungry and look for something to eat, my friend dont want to try their food because she has a sensitive stomach, good thing manong tour guide knows a place a FILIPINO RESTAURANT, serves filipino dishes all. I forgot where it is as we just follow him. We are tired and hungry. hahaha After lunch we went here in Senado Square, our last stop and the Ruins of St. Paul. Along the road on our way to the ruins we had a quick stop at a souvenir store, as usual a filipino sales lady, we love it as we can communicate better and can ask for a discount haha. As we are heading to the Ruins there are a lot of free taste haha.
Senado Square
St. Paul's Ruins
Ruins of St. Paul's
Senado Square
After our last stop we took bus way back to the port.. Manong tour guide paid for this ride.
That's all, we start our tour at 9am and finish at 2pm. And we're back in Hong Kong at 4pm.. Amazing isnt it, but my friend from Macau said "Nabudol-budol daw kami kasi ang mahal ng bayad" but anyways since we dont know...well its okay..Its an experience, we love it though!

First Stop: Fisherman's Wharf
Second Stop: City Of Dreams - Cotai Strip
Third Stop: Venetion Macau
Fourth Stop: Galaxy Hotel
Fifth Stop: Wynn Hotel
Sixth Stop: Ruins Of St. Paul's

Total Expenses in this tour:
Fare: Hong Kong - Macau vice versa- 300HKD
Tour: Manong Tour Guide- 175HKD
Food: Filipino Food- 35HKD
Souvenirs: Optional but i spend almost 500HKD

I know not really tight budget but for us first timer we think its a good deal, as we think that Macau is so expensive!

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