Monday, May 30, 2016

The Beautiful Paradise of El Nido Palawan, Philippines

I been to Palawan last year, November 2015 but only in Puerto Princesa, I supposed to go to El Nido but it was far a 6 hours drive via van and almost 8 hours via bus, and I dont have enough time, so i stick to Puerto Princesa and enjoying my time there.

This year my love wants to go to El Nido and since i am eager to see El Nido's beauty, we agreed to there. An hour and half flight from Manila- Puerto Princesa and 6 hours drive from Puerto Princesa to El Nido was worth it. We got the earliest flight so we can be in El Nido before noon.

We arrived El Nido before 1pm, we took tricycle to Caalan Beach Resort and were so happy to see Cadlao Resort, the resort were going to stay, and its one of the best resorts in El Nido!

Sunset and Sunrise photo are taken in the resort. The rest are during the tour, we do the tour combination as we dont have time. We dont have a lot of picture during the tour also as we dont have a waterproof camera, i forgot to bring ziplock for my phone. We have a big boat, and cant go near to shore in every island, we need to swim so we can go there. I suggest bring Go Pro. ☺☺☺

The place is just so awesomely beautiful. Its really a paradise. We would love to go back there someday and we sure to stay longer!


  1. Wow very amazing place and pictures is so beautiful loved that place, good photography 😊😊

  2. can I have those pictures
    I also want to use them on my site
    Here at

    1. where are you going to use my pictures? your page is about technology!

  3. verry good post for me thanks brotha

  4. I confirmed that Palawan is a magical place, nice post for you. hopefully I can visit el Nido next time.


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