Friday, February 9, 2018

Fireworks - Photography - Long Exposure

I been dreaming of having a photo of fireworks like a pro. During our visit to Scotland we witnessed the fireworks before the new years eve. There was a fireworks display at Queen Street Garden. I had my camera with me but i don't have tripod. I still tried to capture a photo on long exposure mode, just holding the camera with my hands. I dont move as i really wanted to see how will it turns out. Ohh well the first two pictures below turns out pretty good hahaha. It's not like a pro but not bad at all. 

So they said that the best view to see fireworks on New Years Eve was to climbed to Arthur's Seat. We went there and yeah we witnessed the beautiful fireworks all over the city but too bad my camera cant zoom that much. I had photos of fireworks but it was too far and looks so small. I am a lil bit disappointed but its fine, better luck next time. Instead of taking pictures, I enjoyed myself watching the fireworks light up above the sky. I do really like to watch fireworks. I enjoyed it a lot. 

These are the fireworks photo i captured in the Queen Street Garden.

Fireworks- Long exposure

Long Exposure


These are the photos i took from Arthur Seat :) :) How i wish i have better lens for zooming hahaha.

fireworks from arthur seat

I need to do more practice in Photography. One step at a time :)


  1. beautiful firework pictures so bright and vibrant great work

  2. Wowww! That's some beautiful and sparkling photographs! Amazing!

  3. Amazingly bright fireworks, loved your pics :)

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