About Me

I am “ME”
Quiet for the first time
Talkative for the second time
SERIOUS for the first meet
KULIT for the second met
PROBINSYANA ang dating
Sa KATARAYAN ang galing
I can walk like a man
I can talk like a woman (hahaha)
I can sing like a cow
I  can work like a carabao
I can swim like a fish
I can run like an ostrich
I am friendly
I am not choosy
I smile when im sad
I cry when im happy
I jump like a kid. When im excited
I always crave on PIZZA, SEAFOODS
Survive on DRIED FISH rather than PORK
Very fun on Chicken JOY
I love MUSIC (love songs, rocks etc RnB’s) 
I love THEM (friends) as they love ME
I love GOD, (savior)
I love my FAMILY (inspiration)
I hate THEM (haters) as they hate me
I am more stupid if you're stupid
I love to go out with friends
I love to hang-out everywhere
I love most those “astig” people
I admired boyish 
I have a crush on “HER” but I love more on “HIM” 
I preferred slippers rather than sandals
I rather wear flats than heels
I love rubber shoes than office shoes
I wear pants rather than “palda”
T – Shirt rather than sleeveless…

This “ME”---to be continue..next episode!!!
I now wear dress :) (hahaha)

Anyway's Gene here, 
I am not really a blogger, i just put some of my stuff and what's going on, whats happening on my daily life as like an online diary where i can browse if ever i wanted too! I started this online thing since I am an office lady, where sometimes in the middle of doing such office stuff that makes me so bored i go on net searching and stumble into a great blogs and makes me think to do the same, as i found it exciting and cool. I like it!
I dont have cool gadgets as many online people have. I dont have a camera, i dont have laptop, i dont have internet at home. I only use my phone on capturing photos. I like to take pictures as a remembrance, because as they said "Happenings will never happen the same way TWICE".

It's not easy to let go of something you put everything into, but is harder to realize later on that you're holding to something that wasn't there anymore! 

Do not do unto others if you do not want others do unto you, what you have done unto others will come back unto you!

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